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Built up Felt 

Three Layer Built Up Felt Roofing

Flet Roofing

Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  appreciate that the roofing industry still uses Three Layer Built-Up Felt Roofing for certain projects. Because of this we still offer this traditional method of roof covering because it has its place in the market place. With new technologies coming on to the market all the time, the traditional method of waterproofing sometimes gets forgotten. We at Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  offer a choice of materials that match what is right for your project.

What actually are Felt Roofs?

They are a two or three layer sheet felt material that forms a weatherproof barrier and the main methods for applying felt are either via ‘Hot Works’ or ‘Cold Works’ depending on the materials used.

Roofing Felt Standards

Various British Standards exist for bitumen felt. Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  install only roofing felt product supported by BBA (British Board of Agreement) Certificates.

Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  doesn’t expect you to be experts in roofing, so we provide the knowledge and advice that comes from years of experience. With a simple roof survey and by talking through all your needs and requirements, we can reach the best solution for each and every customer and their roof.

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