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A Green Living Roof helps with Planning in Brighton Area?

Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited have successfully installed another Green Living Roof in Sussex. As local registered Sika Sarnafil Installers, Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited installed this new living roof on top of a new plywood deck on this new build. The process was as follows:

  • 18mm Plywood deck installed by contractor
  • New roof was Primed using Sarnacol Prmier 600
  • 140mm Insulation was then bonded to the substate using Sarnacol 2162
  • A light grey 1.5 mm G410-15EL Sika Sarnafil Membrane was bonded to the insulation using Sarnacol 2142 S
  • All seams were heat-welded
  • The detail sections of the roof were done in G410-15EL lead grey to blend in with the lead grey aluminium perimeter Trims
  • All seams were checked ready for the Green Living Roof to be applied
  • The Bio-Drain was put onto the roof for help with water retention
  • The next stage was to put a fleece barrier between the roof garden and the membrane to help with longevity
  • The substrates were installed next which the living sedum lives off and holds on to.
  • Finally the ballast, which is held in by the alumimium gravel guards, was laid at front and back on the roof line.
  • The roof was then ready for the sedum blanket to be applied which contained 8 different colours.


The roof turned out to be a huge success due to the fact that the client had applied for planning for 2 years and been refused. On discussion with Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited, the contractor and the architect for the scheme, planning was passed due to the addition of this fantastic environmentally and eco-friendly roof system. 

New Green Living Roof
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