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Replacing a Roof

Due to wear and tear, poor quality of product or just bad workmanship, Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited can offer complete guidance for any roof problem you may have. With over 20 years of experience we are in the right place to offer you the correct choice for all your roofing problems

Typical Problems that cause roof to fail

  • Years of wear and tear and has finally come to its end
  • Poor quality when installed
  • Internal problems have gone unnoticed
  • Damage caused from accessing the roof

The good news is that with technology being so well advanced, Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited can create a new roof which will not only sort out your problems but add value to your property once again. This is all backed up with an insurance backed and materials guarantee.

Case Study

This zinc roof had multiple leaks all over the roof. The zinc had failed along with the built-up felt. It was a combination of poor workmanship and materials wear and tear.

The roof was completely stripped so Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited could establish the correct problems and also check the ply decking, which was fine.

The next step was to lay vapour control barrier to help with moisture and a hard wood edge was added to help with insulation.

The insulation was then added and mechanically fixed to the ply decking to secure it to the roof and help avoid wind up lift.

Finally a Sarnafil lead Grey membrane was bonded to the insulation and sarnametal detailed drip edges to create a
maintenance free, beautiful waterproof roof which will last for years!

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