Danosa Singleply Membrane Compared With Traditional Flat Roofing Materials?


For more than 30 years, PVC membranes have opened their way to all waterproofing sectorsthanks to their many advantages, such as flexibility and strong tear resistance, combined withsuperior welding ability, low safety risks, ease of installtion and excellent whole life costs.The Danosa range of waterproofing products have a long and succesful history, produced understrict quality control standards.Danosa synthetic waterproofing membranes have been specifically developed to achieve a fast, sustainable, durable, environmentally friendly and aesthtically pleasing waterproofing solution.Over 3,000,000m2 of Danosa membranes have been installed in the UK without a single recorded product failure. 

UV Resistant 

Environmentally Friendly

Fire Resistant


Approved Installer Network - Contractors have to be trained and approved to install Danosa roof systems. The Danosa Roof Assured warranties are only issued after a project has been inspected and passed by one of our appoited field technicians or an appointed agent.

Guarantee - Extensive roof assured warranty schemes are available that a client can trust for upto 25 years. Sussex Roofing will talk you through which applies to your project.





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