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Unique Retreats or an Extension?

Another option other than an extension attached to your home is a local company we work alongside with  - Unique Retreats. Whether you are looking for a home office, gym, studio, games room, outdoor living area or simply need a garden room outdoor retreat!

They will design and build the perfect contemporary garden room for you.Over the years they have noticed a growing demand for people to work from home rather than make the lengthy expensive commute to work, or the individual who wants to set up a new business but can't afford the expensive business rates that leasing a office demands. This is where one of the Unique Retreats can benefit your needs.

Every Unique Retreat is insulated to the highest level so to maintain a high thermal performance. Each roof is professionally covered with a high performance single ply membrane system which comes with a 20yr peace of mind guarantee. The doors and windows are fitted with high security locking systems and fully double glazed. They also offer a range of external cladding systems from Quality Red Cedar to preservative treated softwood boarding.

All buildings are designed to comply with permitted development guidelines, which in turn means that they do not generally require planning permission, eliminating this often lengthy and expensive process. The average build time is 10 -15 working days and their aim is to cause minimal disruption when carrying out each project.  Unique Retreats will be completed much quicker and cheaper than a home extension but will still be a great addition to your current property plus also increasing the value.

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Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited has helped many home owners to not only successfully build their clients extensions but of course offer the right options for the roof covering of choice for those extensions.

Good Reasons to add an extension:

  • The growth of a family in order to provide more bedrooms or more living space.

  • Increase or improve facilities such as the kitchen or another bathroom either because the original were not very good, possibly built to the requirements of another era, or improved financial circumstances, or requiring something better.

  • Due to an increasing number of people working from home and the rapid improvement of communications and internet speeds, an extension to your home can provide the additional space required to allow this to happen.

  • A home extension may allow a relative, friend or lodger to live with a family for personal care or additional income.

  • Occasionally houses are not actually extended because of any particular need but largely as an investment.

  • Perhaps the property is significantly undersized in relation to the plot and other properties in the area and so it may be seen as adding value to the house which will be realised when the time comes to sell.

You may ask the question will an extension add value to my property?

Extension 2

Whether an extension adds significant value to the property and in particular adds more than the cost of it will depend upon several factors:

  • The area and the relative property values in some areas of relatively ‘cheap’ housing makes it virtually impossible to recover the costs of any extensions and improvements in terms of increasing value and can lead to properties falling into disrepair with little incentive for householders to do much about them.
  • The type of property in relation to those around it. Properties in villages or small towns may be easier to change into a different type of property and recoup the costs (such as perhaps changing a two bedroomed bungalow into a four bedroomed house) than extending a property in a large estate of fairly similar designs where it may reach a limit of value almost irrespective of what is done to it.
  • Is the property lacking in essential facilities such as an adequate bathroom and reasonably sized kitchen.  An additional bedroom is often a worthwhile asset as properties are often classified by the number of bedrooms. This is provided it is not significantly out of balance with the rest of the accommodation and should not generally be too far removed from the norm for the area.
  • Other extensions such as utility rooms, playrooms, cloakrooms, en-suites may be worthwhile in some situations.
  • In a city or larger town with difficult or non-existent on-street parking and an increased possibility or threat of vandalism a garage may be a very good investment. Elsewhere often garages are not used even when provided (in practice many are too small for modern cars to fit in comfortably) so provided some off road parking is maintained it may make little difference to the value of a property.
  • Conservatories may add value to a property where they provide a useful and useable addition to the rest of the accommodation. A cold (or in summer excessively hot) room may not add significantly to the useable space and is unlikely to be seen as much of an asset.

Whatever your project size, Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  are happy to discuss all your extensions needs and roof coverings.

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