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What is a Green Living Roofs


The last 10 years have seen a revolution in the ideas that uphold building design, driven in part by our increasingly unpredictable climate. Numerous serious floods and record UK temperatures are two of the clearest signs we could ask of nature. Now more than ever, sustainable development is a responsibility that needs to be addressed, not simply on the fringe of the industry, but in mainstream domestic and commercial development.

We have seen changes in building technology as a result of Climate change, solar panels, water harvesting, green building materials etc. however, no other green building technology offers as many benefits and opportunities as Greenroofing. From improving energy efficiency and removing CO2 from the atmosphere to providing much needed green spaces that aid urban drainage and improve human wellbeing, Greenroofs can deliver enormous benefits.

With over 60 years experience using vegetation as an engineering tool, our expertise ensures that whatever drives your Greenroof project, be it sustainability, ecology, aesthetics or amenity space, we can provide a scheme tailored to your needs.

From the wildlife habitat of a Bio-Diverse roof, to the breathing space of an Intensive Roof Garden, Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited ‘Green Living Roofs’ will encompass all your possibilities.

Why Green Roofs?

Greenroofs are an age old solution to arid urban environments, nowadays they are increasing in popularity due to the many benefits never being more relevant:

  • Slow run off to assist local SUDS planning and flood defences.
  • Helps with Local Planning Permission
  • Remove CO2 and harmful pollutants from the atmosphere.
  • Mitigate the Urban Heat Island effect.
  • Regulate internal building temperatures.
  • Release water naturally through transpiration, improving water quality.
  • Create new wildlife habitats for marginalised species.
  • Improve building energy efficiency.
  • Protect the roof from the elements and prolong it’s life.
  • Improve thermal insulation lowering fuel bills significantly.
  • Add value to a property.
  • Insulate acoustically, reducing noise levels by up to 8dB.
  • Create new leisure space.
  • Improve the quality of our urban centres and our lifestyle.
  • Improve productivity in the workplace.

Depending on your criteria and the limitations of the roof space there are 3 varieties of Living Roof Garden:

Intensive: High maintenance – Replicates a ground level garden. Provides new amenity space.

Bio-Diverse: No maintenance – local aggregate colonises naturally. Recreates, pre-existing ground ecosystem.

Extensive: Low maintenance – low growing plants. Sedum blanket for instant greening.

These are the essential components of our Living roof systems that meet the basic requirements of vegetation establishment. Our knowledge in developing Bio-Diversity within the urban landscape ensures your project is unique and is created to fulfill all client specifications.

  • Sedums and wildflowers in seed format as well as plug plants
  • Pre-grown wildflower/grass turfs
  • Amenity lawn turf
  • Sedum substrate in 25kg, 1 tonne and loose delivered loads
  • Screened and specialist soils 
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