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Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited  are a qualified and professional roofing company that supply and fit concrete and clay roof tiles from a variety of manufacturers, that have proven to provide solid and quality roofing products.

Our completed projects attest to our quality and customer focus ensuring peace of mind for all our existing roofing customers and prospective clients.


At Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited we pride ourselves on our ability to match your replacement, new roofing parts or existing roofing materials, so that your roof retains its uniform appearance and does not look out of place with its original look.

Tile roofing offers a distinctive look with longevity and impressive fire resistant qualities. Clay tile roofing can also protect important plywood and felt underlayment by reducing heat stresses that can lead to premature failure.

See diagram to the right.

Sussex Roofing & Building Services Limited Leadwork Installation

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